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Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language

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A.S.I.L.S. is the foremost association of its kind in Italy. It brings together a large number of Italian language schools in Italy who are proud to be inspected by independent certification agencies, and to publish their statistical data. A.S.I.L.S. is a mark of quality and a privileged representative of public and private institutions in Italy and abroad.

Safe schools Asils

Hygiene and Safety Protocol

ASILS has always guaranteed the highest standards of quality to the countless students who choose to study Italian in any of our member schools.

Corsi di Italiano online Asils

Asils Online Italian Courses

Whether you are looking for video lessons or online Italian courses, you can choose from a wide range of online content offered by ASILS’ member schools.


for Schools

Becoming an Asils member
means giving priority to quality.

Asils guarantees
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for Students

Asils guarantees to foreign students the quality and professionalism of schools in Italy and provides assistance before arrival, during the course of Italian and at the end of the course.
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41 prestigious Asils Italian Language Schools

In 27 famous Italian cities

ASILS schools offer an ample choice for studying Italian in Italy.
Our schools are located all over Italy; you can choose between large and small towns, art cities and seaside locations.
ASILS school towns are excellent points of departure for organising excursions, skiing, doing sports.
In ASILS schools one can choose out of a vast range of courses: besides general Italian language courses, one can attend courses on culture, art and fashion, cooking or craftsmanship.
Our schools provide a complete educational curriculum, with time in class but also many activities outside the school, such as guided visits, tours, excursions, food and wine tasting, dinners and cocktails, and much else besides.

A.S.I.L.S. Services

Asils desk accoglienzaASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language) is the most important association in the field of teaching Italian language to foreigners. The association, established in 1992 to ensure quality of teaching and services provided to students who want to learn Italian in Italy, constantly monitors the level of member schools.
The main Italian language schools in Italy belong to ASILS and have decided to share the ethical principles of the Association: professionalism and qualification of teachers, transparency of commercial policies towards clients, correctness in professional relations, rigour in choosing accommodation and helping students with any problems, compliance with the law in handling study visa issuing and renewal of permits to stay.
  • Professionality and qualification of teachers

    Teachers working in ASILS schools are all university graduates who are certified to teach Italian to foreigners. Correct employment procedures are guaranteed by application of a national contract.

  • Transparency in commercial policies

    Prices and contract conditions of ASILS schools are transparent and easy to consult, with no surprises in store.

  • Rigour in choosing accommodation and helping students with any problems

    Student hospitality service is guaranteed by inspection of accommodation and families and constantly monitored to ensure students feel truly at home.

  • Assistance in handling procedures for the issue of study Visas and Permits to stay

    Students at ASILS schools are constantly supported in handling bureaucratic procedures for preparing documents for the issue of a Study Visa before entering Italy and of a Permit to Stay once they get to our country.

Press Releases

Here you can find interesting information about Italian cultural events, and new publications on Italian teaching, as well as updates from the world of our schools.

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