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The School

In operation since 1984, Torre di Babele Italian language and culture center is a school specializing in teaching Italian to foreigners, authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. The school is located in the central and elegant Art Nouveau neighborhood near La Sapienza University of Rome, the historical park of Villa Torlonia and the main “Termini” train station . The school’s air conditioned building houses bright, spacious and sunny classrooms on three floors and opens onto a very large garden where courses are also held, and where students can relax during their breaks and free time. The school building and garden are equipped with wireless Internet.
Courses run year round and are attended by students from all over the world.
At our school, quality teaching and a wide variety of Italian courses come together in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Italian courses

Standard group courses

Duration: 1/2/3/4/6/8/10/12 weeks; annual and semester courses

Lessons per week: 20 lessons  of 45 minutes  each

Prices: Short Term Intensive Standard Course: 1 week 200,00 €; 2 weeks 400,00 € ; 3 weeks 590,00 € ; 4 weeks 770,00 €; 5 weeks 940,00 €.
Corso Intensivo Standard di Media Durata: 6 weeks 1.020,00 € ; 7 weeks 1.190,00 € ; 8 weeks 1.355,00 €; 9 weeks 1.525,00 €; 10 weeks 1.660,00 € ; 11 weeks 1.826,00 €
Corso Intensivo Standard di Lunga Durata: 12 weeks 1.725,00 €; 16 weeks 2.297,00 €; 20 weeks 2.869,00 €; 24 weeks 2.950,00 €; 28 weeks 3.438,00 €; 32 weeks 3.926,00 €; 36 weeks 4.414,00 €; 40 weeks 4.902,00 €; 44 weeks 5.390,00 €; 48 weeks 5.424,00 €

Description: Italian intensive standard courses include 4 group lessons a day.
Based on their level, participants can acquire a basic knowledge of the Italian language or improve and perfect the knowledge they already have.
All classes are attended by students from all over the world. Courses are taught at all level in small groups, on average 7 or 8 students with a maximum of 12. This limited class size offers individual attention as well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn the language. Courses start every 2 weeks; non-beginners can start every Monday.

Individual courses

Duration: to be agreed according to the student’s requests

Lessons per week: to be agreed according to the student’s requests

Prices: an individual lesson has a cost of 39,00 euro. For those also attending a group course the cost is 35,00 euro per lesson.

Description: Individual courses are structured according to the student’s objectives, the most effective approach for realizing them, and the time frame for the course. Our highly flexible programs use sophisticated teaching methods and materials to create a stimulating learning environment. Years of experience in the field have enabled the school to offer individual courses which cater perfectly to personal and professional needs at all Italian language levels. Made-to-measure programs are based on the student individual learning style and pace.

Culture Courses

Duration: 1 or 2 weeks

Lessons per week: 5 classes per week

Prices: 100 euro per seminar

Description: Torre di Babele organizes seminars led by experts active in various fields of Italian culture:

  • Italian literature: an overview of literary production in Italy in recent years.
  • Art history: Rome and its masterpieces.
  • Italian architecture: new tendencies in Italian architecture today.
  • Italian cinema: the works of Italy’s most important directors.
  • Italian cooking: for those who love Italian food.
  • Italian wines: how to recognize, appreciate, define and drink a good Italian wine.

Special Courses

  • Italian and design experience: The evolution, ideas and successes of Italian design
  • Italian and architecture experience: 3-Dimensial graphic recording
  • Italian, art, painting and sculpture: Studio courses in drwing from the nude and painting
  • Italian and photography: The essential photographic techniques, with Rome as subject matter
  • Italian and jewelry: Design, custom production and restoration of jewelry
Featured courses
  • Italian onTour: learning in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Trieste
  • Course for 50+ students

Positive experiences while studying abroad depend not only on the quality of the language course and cultural offerings, but also on the student’s satisfaction with their “home away from home”. Our housing department takes great care in finding just the right accommodations to suit the student and make their stay in Rome comfortable and enjoyable.
We offer the following options:

  • rooms in apartments with other students
  • rooms in shared apartments with local residents
Other info


  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified school. In conformante with the International Standards for Quality Management Systems
  • Training Institution accredited by the NMinistry for Universities and Research
  • Founding Member of ASILS, the Association of Italian language schools which garantees quality in teaching and services
  • Member of “Tandem International Association” of language schools
  • Accredited by the University of Foreigners in Siena as an authorized Exam Center for DITALS and CILS