Scuola Palazzo Malvisi, Ravenna

Via De Gasperi 5
48121 Ravenna
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The School

The School has more than 30 years experience; it is  in the heart of Ravenna, near the Cathedral. All the families and the apartments where the students are accommodated can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle. The School offers very high quality courses: all the teachers have a DITALS II certification, the classes consist of a maximum of eight students, the lessons last 55 minutes, the students are provided with course books and cds. There is equal focus on written and speaking skills,  as well as listening and production skills.  What the students learn during their lessons  can subsequently be used in real-life situations outside the school. The School has 13 large, bright, air-conditioned classrooms, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the school. From Ravenna, which is a world heritage city for its mosaics and a former capital of the Roman Empire, you can travel to Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan in a  short time. Only a few kilometres from Ravenna there are some of the best beaches in Italy. The School offers a weekly programme of activities which are available during the students’ free time.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: from 1 to 50 weeks

Lessons per week: 20 per week. Lesson duration: 55 minutes

Prices: € 190  per week. For stays of 10 or more weeks: € 170

Description: the standard course is the best choice for the students at each level, from the beginner to the advanced, because it combines grammar, vocabulary, conversation, readings and listening. The groups consist of a maximum of 8 students of different ages and nationalities, which allows the teachers to dedicate time to each student and help them in all their specific needs. The course take place every morning from Monday to Friday from 9am  to 1pm.

Individual Courses

Duration: from 1 to 50 weeks

Lessons per week: from 2 to 40 lessons per week. Lesson duration: 55 minutes

Prices: € 450 for 10 hours

Description: the courses are structured in order to fit the particular linguistic or professional needs of each student. Duration, days and times are flexible and can be personalised. The courses can start any day of the week, also at the weekend upon request.

Culture Courses

Duration: from 1 to 50 weeks

Lessons per week: from 4 to 40 lessons per week. Lesson duration: 55 minutes.

Prices: group courses in the morning + individual cultural course in the afternoon, for a total of 28 lessons:  € 560 per week. Italian course + wine or cooking: € 360 per week.

Description: all the courses are in Italian and include theoretical analysis, practical exercises, the use of audiovisual equipment and excursions. The most popular cultural courses concern Byzantine art, Christian iconography, history of Italian art, Italian literature and history, legal Italian, and also the Italian + cooking course and Italian + wine course. Other kinds of courses can be programmed on request.

Special Courses

  • Course for teachers of Italian as a second language.
  • Course for preparation of DITALS exams.
  • Italian course + mosaic techniques.
  • Senior course 55+
Featured courses
  • Byzantine art course.
  • History of Italian art course.
  • Italian + wine course.
  • Italian + cooking course.
  • Italian + mosaic techniques course

The students’ accommodation is chosen great care. The families are friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic about spending their time with foreign students. The accommodation is regularly checked by our staff in order to ensure high quality. You can ask for single or shared rooms, with a shared bathroom, but also “executive” rooms, which are larger and have a private bathroom. We also provide apartments, B&Bs and Hotels.

Other info


The School is officially approved by the MIUR, as well as being an authorised exam centre for CELI and CILS certifications. It is also a member of the Italian Language Academy, and it’s a training and exam centre for the DITALS certification of the University for foreigners in Siena. The courses are recognised by the Swedish CSN and many German Regions (Bildungsurlaub). The School works with some Italian and foreign universities (Bologna, Urbino, Graz, Richmond, Denver).