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The School

LINGUADUE since 1990 has been offering international students the opportunity to learn Italian in Milan, in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The school is in an excellent location in the centre of Milan in a well-known street in the commercial area, Corso Buenos Aires. Linguadue courses are attended by international students from more than 50 different countries, mostly interested in design, fashion, music and business.
Linguadue offers the possibility to study Italian language for their profession, their further studies, for everyday situations.


  • Student age 18+
  • The school is located in a beautiful art nouveau building
  • Easily accessible
  • Comfortable, well-equipped classrooms, provided with audio and video equipment
  • Free internet and wireless access
  • High quality accommodation
  • Ideally suited for adults, academic students and professionals

Partnership with the most important Academic and Higher Education Institutes for Design, Architecture and Fashion

Italian courses

Standard Group Coursers

Duration: 2/3/4 up to 48 weeks

Lessons per week: 20 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)

Prices: 1 week: € 190; 2 weeks:€ 380; 3 weeks: € 570; 4 weeks: € 760;
8 weeks: € 1520; 12 weeks: € 2040; 6 months: € 3840

Description: the standard course is designed for participants who need to improve their Italian skills for general use. If you have previous knowledge of Italian on your first day at school you take a placement. If you are beginner student, you will immediately start with your first Italian class. Each level can be completed in 4 weeks The aim of the course is to develop your practical and communication skills in Italian, to consolidate your language knowledge and achieve greater fluency.

Individual Courses

Duration: minimum 1 week

Lessons per week: 20 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)
30 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)
40 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)

Prices: 20 lessons/ week € 920 ; 30 lessons/ week € 1380;
40 lessons/ week € 1840

Description: this fully personalised, intensive language training is particularly suited to professionals and executives. This course is tailored to meet the needs of the participants with requirements in specific language areas. The one-to-one course includes a detailed language needs analysis, which is previously sent to you and allows you to specify your needs and objectives before the course starts. A one-to-one programme will quickly improve your general or specialised Italian knowledge.

Culture Courses

Duration: Italian + Fashion and Interior Design – 4 weeks
Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools – 4 weeks

Lessons per week: Italian + Fashion and Interior Design – 28 lessons/week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes
Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools – 20 Italian lessons/ week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes

Prices: Italian + Fashion and Interior Design 4 weeks : € 1400
Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools – 4 weeks:€ 850


Italian + Fashion and Interior Design –Italian language course in the morning with interior or fashion design course in the afternoon. These practical courses are open to participants wishing to get in touch with the world of Italian design and creativity.

Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools – The course aim is to provide students with linguistic tools that will enable them to understand design classes with ease, as well as giving them an overview of fashion or design in Italy.

Special Courses

  • Preparatory for University Short course in Architecture, Design and Engineering.
  • Italian + Internship
Featured courses
  • Standard Course
  • Preparatory Course for University
  • Italian + Fashion and Interior Design
  • Preparatory Course for Fashion and Design Schools
  • Italian + Internship

LINGUADUE accommodation is of high quality and never more than a 30-minutes journey by public transport to school.. We take great care in selecting our accommodation. You may choose from different options: Homestay, Shared Flat, Independent Flat, Student residence. During your stay in Milan you will have the possibility to experience the social and cultural life through a programme of cultural and leisure activities organized by Linguadue,which allows you to broaden your knowledge of Italian culture and to enjoy yourself with your new friends.

Other info


Italian Ministry of Education – authorization to teach Italian language and culture to international students

ISO 9001:2008 – Certified ISO since 2000

IALC – The International Association of Language Centres
ASILS Association of Schools of Italian as Second Language
EDUITALIA – under the high patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Shortlisted every year and awarded as Star Italian School in 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011
UED AWARD – award from Turkish Educational Agencies as the best Italian school in 2013, 2014 and 2015