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50122 Firenze
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The School

Koine Center – established in Florence in 1980 – offers a unique, natural and conversational approach to Italian language learning. The flexible, varied, and effective language classes and afternoon cultural activities are designed to make serious italian learning relaxed and even fun. Teaching of the highest quality and the commitment of the entire Koinè – Italian School staff have become our trademark. The policy of Koine Center is to have several language schools in different locations, so that we can offer a wide range of choice of both locations and language courses and at the same time maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for italian learning due to the size of the Koine – language schools. Koine Center – Language School now has 4 locations situated in the historical centres of Florence, Lucca in Tuscany, Bologna and Camogli at the seaside, each location renowned for outstanding italian historical heritage, culture, landscape, architecture and lifestyle and each offering you the opportunity to be immersed in the Italian way of life.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: 1/2/3/4/12/24/36/48 weeks. 1 hour 52.50 minutes

Lessons per week: 20 hrs/ week group course in the morning  9 – 13+ cultural activities in the afternoon.

Prices: 1 sett. 230, 2 sett. 350, 3 sett. 470, 4 sett. 600, 12 sett. 1470, 24 sett. 2600, 36 sett. 3800, 48 sett. 4900

Description: Italian Language and Culture. This is an ideal way to enjoy learning and to have full benefit from practising your skills and interacting with other students. 20 hrs/ week group course in the morning + cultural activities in the afternoon. Because of the small size of the groups, we can give personal care and attention to each student. The maximum number of students per class is 12 but on average there are 6 or 7 students in each class. This allows you to gain maximum benefit from the time available through intensive exposure to all aspects of the Italian language.

Individual Courses

Duration: 1/ 2 /3 weeks. On request: 4 or more weeks

Lessons per week: 2 hrs/day, 3 hrs/day, 4 hrs/day, 6 hrs/day, 8 hrs/day. 1 hour= 55 minutes

Prices: 2 hrs/day  1 week 325, 2 weeks 650, 3 weeks 975
3 hrs/day 1 week 480, 2 weeks 960, 3 weeks 1440
4 hrs/day  1 week 630, 2 weeks 1260, 3 weeks 1890
6 hrs/day  1 week 930, 2 weeks 1855, 3 weeks 2780
8 hrs/day  ( lunch with the teacher included) 1 weeks 1595, 2 weeks 3190, 3 weeks 4780

Description: we provide intensive language training for people who want to make a significant improvement in speaking and understanding Italian but who don’t have a long period of time to devote to learning Italian or who require ‘tailor-made’ tuition. The classes are carefully designed for your current level of Italian, your individual interests and – on request – for your job requirements.

Culture Courses

Combined course, 1/2/3/4 weeks
Bread Wine and Language, 1 / 2 weeks
Italian Language and Photography, 4 weeks

Lessons per week: for details: http://www.koinecenter.com/en/courses_categories/language-culture

Combined intensive course 20+5 1 week 355, 2 weeks 640, 3 weeks 885,  4 weeks 1105
Combined intensive course 20+10 1 week 475, 2 weeks 880, 3 weeks 1270,  4 weeks 1645
Bread Wine and Language 1 week 520, 2 weeks 790

Combined intensive course 20 hrs/ week group course in the morning +5 or 10 hrs / week individual tuition in the afternoon + optional cultural activities in the afternoon.
Bread Wine and Language 4 hours of Italian language group lessons in the morning from 9.00 a.m. to 13.00, from Monday to Friday + wine tours, guided wine tastings and cooking lessons in the afternoon and dinner.
Italian Language and Art, Italian Language and Photography.

Special Courses

  • Teacher training course, 1 week, 2 weeks
  • Teacher refresher course 2 weeks
  • Travel and learn: Seaside and City, 2 weeks
  • Language Course for School Groups, 1 week, 2 weeks
Featured courses
  • Combined intensive course
  • Italian Language and Culture

We know that an important part of your stay is comfortable and friendly accommodation. We want you to be happy with where you are staying, so  that you can study well and enjoy your stay. This is the reason why the  Koinè Center offers an accommodation booking service which will, on request, book accommodation for you for the duration of the course. Home-Stay option: with a family (with breakfast / with halfboard / with kitchen facilities); with a single person (with breakfast / with halfboard / with kitchen facilities); shared apartment (only with kitchen facilities). Other options: Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Apartments.

Pick up service (one way)

Firenze airport to  Firenze accommodation/school euro 65
Firenze airport to Lucca euro 130
Firenze train station to Firenze accommodation/school euro 45
Pisa airport to Lucca accommodation/school euro 65
Pisa airport to Firenze euro 140
Bologna airport to  Bologna accommodation/school euro 65

Other info

Koine Center is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education (n. 19071/C20 dated 1° marzo 2002)