Guarantees offered by ASILS


Schools affiliated to A.S.I.L.S. guarantee that:

  • their teachers are selected for their professional skills and personal qualities, hold a degree and have experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language
  • they have permanent registered premises compliant with law provisions as well as standards whose objective is to promote classroom learning
  • their advertising material contains a detailed description of the courses and services they offer
  • their prices are clearly indicated and that the number of lessons, their length and any additional services offered are specified
  • any student needing help to find accommodation will be offered lodging that has already been inspected and selected and that the address and a description of same will be sent to the student before departure
  • students are assigned to a class of the correct level for their language skills, evaluated with an entry level test
  • the number of students is not higher than that indicated by the school in its advertising material
  • the director is always willing to meet students to help them solve any problem they may have
  • students’ progress is constantly monitored
  • a cultural and recreational activities programme will be organized with the aim of further promoting language learning and social and cultural interaction
  • students receive an attendance certificate and/or course content description
  • on completing a level students can take an exam, based on the Council of Europe Modern Languages Project, to verify the language skills acquired
  • students are free to contact the General Secretary of A.S.I.L.S should they have any serious complaints to make