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The School

Europass Centro Studi Europeo is an Italian Language and Cultural centre for foreigners accredited by the Tuscan Region and is located in the historic centre of Florence, just stone’s throw away from the Duomo.

Since 1992 the centre has offered Italian language courses, sector-specific courses (economics, law, architectural, etc.), art courses (painting, sculpture, fresco etc), cooking courses and music courses. As well as this, has organised junior-specific programmes (for 14-17 year olds) and combined courses with cultural activities for adults (over 50).

With a group of dynamic and motivating teachers, EUROPASS welcomes more than 500 students every year from all over the world who wish to start or improve their knowledge of Italian language and culture.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: Min. 1 – max. 52 weeks

Lessons per week: 20 lessons/week (1 lesson=50min.)

Prices: 1 week € 220,00; 2 weeks € 399,00; 3 weeks € 535,00; 4 weeks € 639,00; 8 weeks € 1.160,00; 12 weeks € 1.619,00 ; from 13th week € 140,00
The course prices include: registration fee, information material on Florence, certificate of attendance, course book and other course materials, organisation of leisure activities and use of wireless Internet.

Description: the standard course consists of 20 lessons per week. The duration is flexible from one to 52 weeks.
Through a range of effective communication methods, the course leads to the student having complete knowledge of spoken and written Italian after a few months. The class sizes have a minimum of 2 and a maximum 12 students.

Individual Courses

Duration: Flexible from 1 week

Lessons per week: Min. 10 – max. 40 (1 lesson=50 min.)

One-on-One: 10 lessons 330, 15 lessons 485, 20 lessons 630, 25 lessons 765, 30 lessons 890, 35 lessons 1010, 40 lessons 1120
Two-on-One: 10 lessons 510, 15 lessons 750, 20 lessons 980, 25 lessons 1200, 30 lessons 1410, 35 lessons 1610, 40 lessons 1800
Weekend:  14 lessons 500

Description: the one to one courses and the two to one coures are structured according to the language needs of the individual(s) and allow the student to achieve excellent results in a short space of time.
The programme, curriculum and teaching materials used are carefully selected taking into account.  the language skills of the individual as well as their areas of interest and study time available.
In order to structure the best course, at the time of enrolment students are asked to complete a questionnaire that allows the board of education to structure the educational program and to choose the most suitable teaching staff.

Culture Courses

Duration: 2 weeks

Lessons per week: 20 lessons of Italian + 10 themed lessons (1 lesson=50min.)

Prices: €699,00; tickets to enter the museums are not included in the price

History of Art
To fully-appreciate the priviledge and significance of studying  the Italian language of Florence we have created this course to offer an overview of Italian art history (including Florentine styles, antiquity and baroque styles).
The course offers a broad and interesting history of the birth of the Italian Republic (1861 ) to the present day with paying particular attention to Fascism , the Second World War and the economic boom.
The course discusses specific themes and periods of Italian literature from Dante to contemporary works, in order to provide full linguistic enrichment.
An opportunity to explore the history of Italian cinema, discovering images , characters and words that made ​​it famous all over the world!

Special Courses

  • Evening Italian Courses
  • Junior Programme
  • Senior Programme
  • Italian weekend courses
Featured courses
  • Italian + Art
  • Italian + Cooking
  • Italian + Music

We offer assistance before our students arrive and during their stay these services include:

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