Dilit – International House, Rome

Via Marghera 22
00185 Roma
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The School

Dilit International House, officially authorised by the Italian Ministry of Education, was founded in 1974 and was one of the first language schools in Italy to specialise in the teaching of Italian.
It is housed in an elegant and quiet 5-storeyed art-deco villa a stone’s throw from the central railway station where all forms of public transport gather. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and air conditioning. Wi-fi connection is available throughout the building.  Included on the premises are a computer room, a garden, two terraces and a cafeteria.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: from 1 to 50 weeks

Lessons per week: 15, 20, 25, 30 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)

Prices: from € 195 a week

Description: the most popular courses are intensive group courses with a maximum of 14 students per class. All levels, from beginners to advanced, are guaranteed throughout the year.
Without ignoring the formal and grammatical aspects of the Italian language, these courses pay particular attention to real communication. The aim is to develop students’ communicative competence as rapidly as possible, using playful techniques which help adults quickly overcome that natural initial feeling of awkwardness  when asked to speak a foreign language.

Individual courses

Duration: one week minimum for intensive study. 30 lessons minimum for non-intensive study

Lessons per week: for intensive study 15, 20, 25, 30 (each lesson lasts 50 minutes).
For non-intensive study minimum 3 (each lesson lasts 50 minutes)

Prices: 1 lesson = € 42

Description: individual tuition is tailor-made to student needs  whether their interests are for work, study or simply out of personal interest.
Study may be intensive or non-intensive.

Culture Courses

Duration: 2 weeks

Lessons per week: 15 (each lesson lasts 45 minutes)

Prices: from € 680

Description: these courses answer the increasing demand for combining language study with studying those aspects of Italian life and culture that are well- known and appreciated all over the world.
The most popular courses are:
“Discovering Rome” (History of Art)
“Italian through Architecture”
“Italian through Italian Cookery”
“Italian through Photography”
“Italian whilst Making a Film”

Special Courses

  • Academic Year Programme
  • Preparatory Course for Entrance to Italian Universities
  • Internship Programme
  • Business Italian
  • Legal Italian
Featured courses

Italian + A Taste of Italian Culture:

– Italian Home Cooking
– Chef in One Day
– Italian Wines
– Italian Fashion
– Italian Cinema


On request the school arranges accommodation in family homes or in flats shared with other students of the school. The school very carefully selects and monitors the accommodation so that students can rely on the best conditions for fully enjoying their stay.

The school offers a varied programme of social activities for leisure time so that students can enrich their knowledge and at the same time relax, have a good time and make new friends.

Other info


For the seriousness and the quality of its services the school boasts considerable international prestige and is also a member of various national and international organisations who guarantee the quality of their members:

International House World Organization