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The School

Cultura Italiana is a specialised, well-sought after school. We guarantee a full-immersion in Italian language, communicating in authentic Italian untainted by the use of other languages. We are different from multi-language schools for tourists which use the ‘usual, conventional syllabus of Italian for foreigners’. Cultura Italiana (1980) is the only specialised language school in Bologna involved in Italian didactic research with the University of Bologna (1st university in Europe 1088) and with other 40 universities in Europe, America and Japan. Our students choose Cultura Italiana because you can find an authentic Italian environment, the true Italian of Italians, not the so-called “Italian for foreigners” present in areas of mass tourism. At Cultura Italiana you learn to communicate (speak, understand, read and write) in an Italian way, practicing Italian conversations with Italians.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: our Intensive Italian courses begin every Monday, for 1/2/3/4 or 12 or more weeks

Lessons per week: 4 hours (50 minutes) of lessons per day (20 hours per week), classes of 6-12 persons.
Plus two hours homework (at home or at school) per day.
Plus 10 hours of extracurricular activities (Visits, walks, meetings, art and history and excursions)

Prices: 1 week euro 227; 2 weeks euro 417; 3 weeks euro 608; 4 weeks euro 764; 5 weeks euro 954; 6 weeks euro 1144; 7 weeks euro 1270; 8 weeks euro 1450; 9 weeks euro 1640; 10 weeks euro 1830.

Description: our classes are especially convenient in terms of cost-benefit ratio. They enable students to reach a solid grasp of the language in a short time. With our intensive course in Bologna, an Italian environment, you learn to use the Italian language; to speak and understand, as well as to read and write. High didactic quality and for its visa and university credits guaranteed.

Individual Courses

Lessons per week:

30 hours
6 hours a day for 1 week
3 hours a day for 2 weeks
1 hour a day for 6 weeks

1 lesson hour = 60 minutes
It is also possible to book a dinner with the teacher (40 Euro more)

20 hours
4 hours a day for 1 week
2 hours a day for 2 weeks
1 hour a day for 4 weeks

10 hours
2 hours a day for 1 week
1 hour a day for 2 weeks

1 hour
1 lesson hour = 60 minutes
The student can choose the starting date and the duration of the course.

Prices: 30 hours euro 1073; 20 hours euro 716; 10 hours euro 358; 1 hour euro 40. Dinner with the teacher 40 Euro more

Description: individual tuition intensifies rapid learning because teachers can devote themselves to the specific learning needs of the student. The student has the right to choose subjects for study (art, literature, music, poetry, history, Italian cultural and social life, business). The Individual standard course consists of 30 hours of 60 minutes each divided into one or two weeks. This course is the equivalent of one level. The students may choose the number of hours and the times.

Culture Courses

Duration: 1/2/3/4/12/24 weeks on student’s choice

Lessons per week: 20 hours Italian lessons plus 1/2/3/4 cooking lessons (3 hours each) per week

Italian course with 1 cooking lesson: 1 week euro 331, 2 weeks euro 557, 3 weeks euro 774, 4 weeks euro 959
Italian course with 2 cooking lessons: 1 week euro 391, 2 weeks euro 617, 3 weeks euro 824, 4 weeks euro 1009
Italian course with 3 cooking lessons: 1 week euro 421, 2 weeks euro 677, 3 weeks euro 874, 4 weeks euro 1059
Italian course with 4 cooking lessons: 1 week euro 481, 2 weeks euro 737, 3 weeks euro 924, 4 weeks euro 1109

Italian Language course + Cookery and Wine-tasting
1st part: Italian Language (20 hours per week)
2nd part: Cookery and Wine-tasting (6 hours per week)
Cooking Amateur course 2nd part: Cookery and Wine-tasting (3/6/9/12 hours per week) Cooking Amateur course. Our amateur courses are designed to teach students the methods of professional Italian cooking and help students to uncover the secrets of Italian cuisine.

Special Courses

  • Italian for Tourism
  • Italian for Architecture
  • Italian for Medicine
  • Italian for Art History
  • Italian Literature
Featured courses
  • Italian for Business
  • Italian for university application

Cultura Italiana offers its students a free service to find and book accommodation at discounted prices.
a. room with an Italian family or in a shared flat with other course participants. 128 Euros per week (and 160 Euros with private bathroom). The price includes the room, bed linen, towels and the use of the kitchen.
c. an independent flat, fully equipped. The price ranges from 290 Euros to 370 Euros per week;
d. hotel.

Other info


Ministero dell’Educazione
Member 2009 for Commission for Italian Language Diffusion of Foreign Ministry and Accademia Italiana della Crusca 2009
Member of Eduitalia
Bildungsurlaub (Hamburg)
CSN (Assistenza nazionale per studenti svedesi) per i crediti
University of Bologna
University di Siena accreditamento
Comune di Bologna
Provincia di Bologna
Regione Emilia Romagna
Ministero per gli Affari Esteri