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The School

The Club Italiano Dante Alighieri group was formed in 1994 and specialises in teaching Italian language and culture to students from all over the world. The Italian Ministry of Education also recognizes the school’s high calibre instruction. It is open all year-round. The managing staff and the teachers – in ensuring a top professional level – reserve a warm welcome and a friendly treatment, assisting the student from the enrolment to the end of their courses (accommodation, freetime, acquisition of the residence permit).  Intensive group & “one to one” courses (Monday/Friday) – held in the morning or in the afternoon develop through absolute beginners to advanced levels.  Group courses may be combined with 1 or 2 individual hours a day (afternoon) for those who have only 2 weeks available and need an intensive and personalized course.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: from 1 week to 8 weeks;  3, 6 & 12 months courses

Lessons per week: 25 (45 minutes each)

Prices: 1 week  € 250; 2 weeks  € 440; 3 weeks: € 590; 4 weeks: € 680; from 5th week on  € 170 per week

Description: from beginner to advanced level, the standard Group Course is the best way to acquire language skills and it is suitable for students of all ages.   We focus on the study of communication structures (grammar) useful for a training which also includes reading, writing, listening skills as well as speaking skills.  Starting from daily experience, the student will receive the tools for an essential and productive communication.  Teachers individually follow the students with a friendly approach, encouraging the conversation and suitably stimulating the spoken production. Max class size: 12 students.

Individual Courses

Duration: from 1 week to more weeks

Lessons per week: from 1 to 12 lessons a day

Prices: 1 lesson of 45 minutes: € 32,50

Description: these courses are tailored to the specific needs of the students and are organized according to the time availability of each student. They represent the best solution for those who need to learn the language in a very short time, for example for work. We propose different solutions: starting from courses of a few lessons  up to the most intensive ones (8-12 lessons per day, including lunch with the teacher).

Culture Courses

Duration: 16 lessons each course

Lessons per week: 8 (45 minutes)

Prices: 2  weeks: € 200; 4 weeks: € 380

Description: Club DA offers the following cultural courses: Italian literature, History of Italian Art, History of Italian Architecture, Opera History, Italian culinary traditions, Italian geography and History of Italian Cinema.

Special Courses

  • Mixed courses: group + one to one lessons
  • Italian 50+ (Senior Program)
  • Italian for Opera singers (Opera program)
  • Extensive Italian  (evening time)
  • Italian for diplomacy
Featured courses

Club DA specializes in providing classes of:

  • preparatory & literacy
  • water color
  • pronunciation and diction for singers
  • Italian for L2 teachers for non-native speakers

Our Italian school in Rome offers a wide variety of weekly optional free or low cost activities after class: theatre & cinema visits, “happy hour”, concerts, museums and gallery visits and outings to pizzerias. In summer, there are excursions to the sea,  the countryside, the Roman hills.

The school offers homestay accommodation where students live with an Italian-speaking family or with Italian university students. It is also possible to rent independent apartments or to book a bed & breakfast or hotel.

Our staff is always available for information about the acquisition of the residence permit.

Other info


The Club DA  school is a member of ASILS  (The Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language) and Eduitalia. Club DA is recognized by MIUR (Ministry of Education), CSN Lund-Sweden (Swedish National Board of Student Aid) and Bildungsurlaub