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The School

CiaoItaly was founded in Turin thanks to the multicultural experience and professionalism of the staff of abbeySCHOOL. The institution is a member of ASILS, Eduitalia, and AIL, and it is a recognised centre for courses funded by CSN Lund-Sweden and for the Bildungsurlaub in Germany.

The school guarantees the highest possible standards through individual, group and intensive courses. Access to each course is gained via an entry test in order to form classes of students of the same level. Lessons are taken by dynamic and highly qualified teachers.

The schools encourages its students to discover the cultural and artistic wealth of the area through a number of recreational activities: cookery courses, wine and food tasting, theme dinners, guided tours of Turin, museum visits, evenings in local bars and restaurants, excursions to discover Piedmont.

Since 2012, the school has provided a Masters Degree course in the Teaching of the Italian Language, as well as preparatory courses for the DITALS exams.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: from one week to one year

Lessons per week: 20 hours per week

Prices: 1 week: € 190 (€150 for university students), 2 weeks: € 380 (€300 for university students), 4 weeks: € 700 (€580 for university students), 8 weeks: € 1.280 (€1.120 for university students, 6 months: € 3.360 (€3.120 for university students), 1 year: € 7.000 (€6.500 for university students). Registration fee: 65€ (first learning kit included).

Description: they are organised for all levels and begin on each Monday of the month, with the exception of absolute beginners, whose courses begin on the first Monday of the month. They are composed of between 5 and 12 people, and are aimed at students who wish to learn in a fun and dynamic environment.
Students acquire linguistic skills corresponding to each specific level: grammatical structures, expansion of vocabulary, learning and perfection of pronunciation, conversation, comprehension, reading and writing.

Inbdividual Courses

Duration: from one week to one year

Lessons per week: from 1 to 30 hours/week. Lessons of 60 minutes

Prices: 10 h: € 35/h, 20 h: € 34/h, 30 h: € 33/h, 40 h: € 32/h, 50 h or more: € 31/h.
Registration fee : 65€ (first learning kit included)

Description: designed for those who wish to learn Italian with a customised programme, they are particularly suitable for those  with professional needs. These courses are available at all levels, and their flexibility allows them to be arranged at any time of day and at any time of year. They can be organised intensively (with daily lessons) or according to a timetable proposed by the student.

Culture Courses

Duration: modules of 4 hours

Lessons per week: 2 two-hour lessons per week

Prices: prices are for each four-hour module: 1 participant: 160,00€; 2 participants: 100,00€ per person; 3-4 participants: 80,00€ per person; 5-12 participants: 50,00€ per person.

Description: one cannot learn Italian in Turin without discovering a city which was Italy’s first capital and which has played a significant role in the country’s history. Therefore, a programme has been drawn up which aims to present its various historical periods through an approach embracing art, music, literature and cinema. The courses foresee two two-hour lessons comprising classroom work and guided tours. Workshops can be organised even for a single student. One can choose from: Egypt in Turin, Roman Turin, Medieval Turin, Baroque Turin, Turin and the Risorgimento, Liberty Turin, Contemporary Turin, Turin Vertically, Turin and Cinema, Delicious Turin, Italian Cinema,  Italian Literature and Italian Music.

Special Courses

  • Master in Italian Language Teaching as LS and L2
  • Preparatory courses for DITALS exams
Featured courses
  • Master in Italian Language Teaching as LS and L2
  • Preparatory courses for DITALS exams

Students’ accommodation is linked to the type of course.
The school can offer students a mediation service putting them in touch with hotels, bed&breakfasts, self-catering apartments and rented apartments with special discounts. On request, accommodation can be found with rigorously selected host families.
Prices depend on the student’s choice (category of hotel, type of room etc.) and the length of the student’s stay.
The school organises guided tours of the city every week and informs students of all the special offers available in the city (local tour operators, cookery courses, food and wine tasting) as well as helping them to book their preferred activity.
The school organises an airport pick-up service and helps students with their applications for residence permits (for an additional fee)

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