Centro Giacomo Puccini, Viareggio

Via Vespucci 173
55049 Viareggio (LU)
Tel. +39 0584 430253
Fax +39 0584 961275


The School

Founded in 1988, the center has a long experience in teaching Italian in Italy. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education, by the University and research institutes.
It boasts a professional faculty, young, highly motivated and specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners.

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: from 2 to 24 weeks

Lessons per week: 4 daily, 20 per week  (lessons of 45 minutes each)

Prices: 1 week Eur 180,00 ; 2 weeks Eur 320,00; 3 weeks Eur 480,00; 4 weeks Eur 640,00; extra week Eur 160,00

Description: it is offered at all levels and is the ideal for most students. Working in small groups (8-12 people max.), you will progress quickly your Italian. Particular attention is given to the students’ ability to speak and interact in Italian  facing up to all aspects of the Italian language.

Individual Courses

Duration: the minimum enrolment period is 5 days, which can be extended according to your needs

Lessons per week: minimum 3 to maximum 8 lessons per day; the course intensity may be changed from week to week (lessons of 45 minutes each)

Prices: Eur 40,00 each lesson

Description: we suggest you choose our private tuition program if you want a course that can be tailored to your particular professional, or personal, or time scheduling requirements.

Culture Courses

Duration: the minimum enrolment period is 2 weeks

Lessons per week: 30 lessons per week. The courses consist of 4 lessons in a Standard language corse plus two private tutorilas on the selected filed, each day.

Prices: 2 weeks Eur 1120,00 ; additional week Eur 560,00

Description: Our school offers the following courses: history of Italian cinema, the Language of the Libretti (Opera), the language of wine and food, the language of fashion.

Special Courses

  • Combined: standard + individual courses
  • Italian 50+
  • Italiano for Business
  • Italian for hostess/steward
Featured courses

We offers courses in:

  • Italian cooking
  • Riding
  • Sailing

Our school  offers accommodation in hotels, families or shared apartments.
We are always able to assist students who prefer solutions of different level.
Extracurricular activities: guided tours to the nearby cities of art, cinema, spaghetti dinner on the beach.

Other info
  • The school is recognizedby the Ministryof Education, the university and research institutes
  • The schoolisofficiallyrecognizedby the Swedish authorities
  • CentroPucciniis a memberofAIL: Italian Academy ofLanguage

ASILS: Association of Italian language schools for teaching Italian as a foreign language

ELITE: European Institution for language teaching(Excellent Language Teaching Institutions in Europe)

Recognized by the German Federal State of Hamburg for “Bildungsurlaub”.