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The School

The Centro Machiavelli, founded in 1978 in the historic centre of Florence, is an important reference point for those wishing to study Italian, who want to use the language creatively, or are interested in the Italian culture.

Our strongpoint is the attention we pay to the motivations and satisfaction of each and every student. The atmosphere is cheerful and informal, thus fostering communication and relationships. The maximum number of 12 students per group-class allows for rapid learning based on collaboration among participants. Hand in hand with clear explanations of the language rules, we also provide ample space for communication activities and games. Our students come from all over the world which encourages them to always and only communicate in Italian and ensures that teachers have a flexible and creative mentality in organising the classes, using the educational material, and proposing activities

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: minimum 2 weeks- lessons from Monday to Friday –  2/3/4/6/8/12/ 16/24/ 32/ 40 weeks; six-monthly and yearly courses.

Lessons per week: the number of hours per week depends on the course selected: 10, 20, 30. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Prices: registration fee, valid for one year, € 50.
Intensive course:
2 weeks € 345; 3 weeks € 465; 4 weeks € 575; 6 weeks € 785; 8 weeks € 975; 12 weeks € 1,300; 16 weeks € 1,700; 24 weeks € 2,500.

Super-intensive course:
2 weeks € 570; 3 weeks € 790; 4 weeks € 1,000.

Semi-intensive course:
2 weeks € 235; 3 weeks € 330; 4 weeks € 425.

Intensive course – 4 hours a day: divided into two sections: grammar and syntax, development of vocabulary and communication skills.

Semi-intensive course – 2 hours a day: study of the grammatical and syntactical structure, development of vocabulary and communication skills.

Super-intensive course – 6 hours a day: divided into three sections: grammar and syntax, communication skills, strengthening of oral skills or in-depth analysis of specific cultural topics

Individual Courses

Duration: minimum 10 hours, over the space of one or two weeks

Lessons per week: the courses are divided into 10-hour cycles and each lesson lasts 50 minutes

Prices: € 380 the first 10 hours, € 350 for every subsequent 10-hour cycle

Description: the individual courses are designed for those who have very little free time to learn or perfect the language, as well as those who have specific professional or study requirements and need to learn the terminology and structures relating to their field of interest.

Culture Courses

Music and Singing – courses for opera lovers and singers. including diction lessons, history of the opera, and opera singing.
Florence in the Arts – practical arts and crafts courses. The aim of these courses it to learn the artistic techniques and the craftsmanship of art: from frescoes to Florentine mosaics, jewellery-making,  and the restoration of furniture and paintings

DurationMusic and Singing: the courses are divided into 10-hour cycles a week.
Florence in the Arts: the courses are divided into 24-hour cycles, every 2 or 4 weeks.

Lessons per weekMusic and Singing: 10 hours a week, the lessons last 50 minutes. Florence in the Arts: 6/12 hours a week, the lessons last 60 minutes.
Flexible hours and calendar.

Music and Singing:
Diction course: every 10 hours – € 470
History of Italian opera course: first 10 hours € 470.
Every subsequent 10-hour cycle € 420
Opera singing – 10 hours € 1,000
Individual lessons € 120.

Florence in the Arts: € 700– 24 hours

Featured courses
  • History of Art (“Special courses” section)
  • Painting
  • Jewellery-making
  • Leather bags and belts
  • Handmade shoes


Single or double rooms with use of kitchen or breakfast and dinner included, in share apartments. The apartments are located in the centre and the school can be reached on foot. It is also possible to stay in a hotel.

Extracurricular activities

Seminars and courses on: crafts, art, music and singing, cinema and literature, cooking and wines, with guided tours, trips and excursions, etc.

Other info


Acknowledgements of the Ministry of Education, the University and Scientific Research.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.

Accreditation as a Training Agency for permanent learning (Regione Toscana)

CSN Sweden

Bildungsurlaub – Hamburg and Berlin

European label for languages. Projects: VET4VIP (Transversal Action) and ELLVIS (Comenius): programmes for learning and teaching English for the blind and visually impaired.

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