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The School

Our Centre is located in the heart of world famous Taormina, the most beautiful town in Sicily. Taormina, from atop Mount Tauro, looks over the Bay of Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily, founded in 735 b.C. The magnificent Mediterranean-blue bay with active volcano Mount Etna in the background  offer a spectacular view from almost everywhere in town. Taormina is famous for its beauty, its incredible heritage, history, archaeology and architecture, as well as for its reputation in welcoming travellers. Taormina is perfectly situated to offer students easy access to the beautiful and historically important treasures of Sicily.

Since 1992, we, the Centre for Italian Studies “BABILONIA” in Taormina, Sicily have passionately dedicated ourselves to promoting our Italian and Sicilian heritage and culture along with the study of the Italian language. We strive to not only offer an opportunity to learn the Italian language and to directly experience Italian culture and Italian life!

Italian courses

Standard Group Courses

Duration: Min 1 week – max 48 weeks.

Lessons per week: 3 hours per day language analysis AND communicative tasks.

Prices: see the school’s website

Description: these Italian courses are designed for those who want a complete language experience, studying 4 lessons per day, focusing on the language analysis activities and the communicative tasks.

Individual Courses

Duration: Min 1 week – max 48 weeks

Lessons per week: Min 5 lessons per week (55 minutes per lesson)

Prices: € 38, one hour private lesson

Description: these Italian courses are designed and arranged on an individual basis to meet your needs, for as many hours as you want, in a given period of time.

Culture Courses

Duration: 2 weeks

Lessons per week: 10/week

Prices: € 850

Description: The Sicilian writers in the Italian literatureStoria della Sicilia; Art History in Sicily; History of Sicily; Sicily in Cinema, Cinema in Sicily.

Special Courses

  • Home-made cooking lessons
  • Ceramics decoration
  • Diving
  • Trekking in Sicily
Featured courses
  • Club 50+ “The Island of the Sun”


  • homestay
  • shared apartment
  • independent studio apartment
  • budget hotels
  • hotels

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Other info


  • Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), presa d’atto
  • University for Foreigners of Perugia, official  CELI exam center
  • University Ca Foscari Venezia, authorised ITALS Master training center
  • CSN (Sweden)